Friday, 21 May 2010

Fritton Aquathlon 1st

I managed a quick run (17x200m efforts) on Tuesday and although I intended to swim Wednesday morning, it took a little more out of me than I thought (obviously not quite over the cold then - overtraining, maybe!). With the running being so intermittent the old adversary of slight calf strains has raised it's head, I thought I had this beaten last year after good work with Dave but either my technique has reverted or lack of running is playing a part - I am back in Loughborough at the weekend so it will definitely be a question worth asking!

I decided to make the race and test the openwater and the new suit, I wasn't sure if the run would be a good idea but sometimes the calf's are a little easier after a bike or swim so I was going to make the call in transition.

I managed to forget talc, race belt and my towel (and also my sense of direction, but that is par for the course here for me having got lost on the run at the Oly distance last year).

The water was just right but the sun was very low so sighting back in meant a bit of treading water to establish a general direction to swim in, the 400m also felt closer 500 which was supported by a quick check on Map My 'Swim' later that evening.

I was aiming for a 5min swim and 7min run with 30s in T1 depending on set-up. With the longer swim and inability to remember the course the swim was probably closer to 6:30-6:50.

The run was really nice, a bit challenging, soft ground and rough tracks with ample undulation, this definitely felt like 2.5k and if I hadn't got lost and stood around waiting for an idea of direction I may have posted a quicker time - I expect this including T1 to be 9:30ish, although it should have been way under 9 had I not gone the wrong way and eased up at the end.

Overall happy with result, really happy with new kit, but the time needs a lot of work! Without the idiotic mistakes (course reconciliation would have sorted that) I should have come in at low 15 or 14 something. With a shorter swim (I may be wrong) I would have been another minute closer to the 13 I want by race 4 (if the swim is 500m I am aiming for 14:15).

16:09 not bad but could do much better!

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