Sunday, 13 June 2010

Triathlon Vs Life (and vice versa)

To be honest I wasn't sure whether this would warrant a post but after much deliberation I decided that as it may be effecting my training and my attitude towards the year that it was worth a couple of lines at least.

Apart from the usual balance of work, triathlon and social live I am heavily involved in buying a house. Anybody that has done this will know it takes a lot of time and energy (not to mention spare cash) and being a triathlete I do not have an abundance of any of these, so reluctantly things had to give.

First to go was the Long Distance World champs, this would have absorbed time, money and energy over and above some of the more essential races this year, and being a longer distance the hrs on some aspects of training would need to increase as well - this (unfortunately) was a no-brainer.

Second casualty was the Dambuster, it was a race that I had wanted to do this year but as I had qualified for the World Champs based on last years WC result (top 3 brit in age) this was no longer a necessity. This again took up a weekend of training, entry fees and hotel costs. Unfortunately this has meant that my 1st tri is Shropshire which is National Ranking (I would have liked to get a couple of sharpeners under my belt first - hopefully the Fritton Aquathlons will do this for me!!).

The Third and most hard hitting casualty has been training. The energy used in working through the house purchase (and subsequent disrupted sleep/work/train patterns that I had from last year) has really had a knock on effect when combined with the time away from base training over the winter due to the minor leg ops and the O/T I suffered a couple of weeks ago - it has also had an effect on my focus and feelings towards my development/progress since being back in training.

I would recommend talking any feelings like this through with your coach which I did at the weekend (Thanks Pat). It is bound to be something that they have experienced and the advice given will probably be vital in keeping you going. I believe the underlying is that it happens, you train through it, look for focus on one aspect and look for enjoyment again.

I have had a good couple of days and Ive found what I was missing - see you at the start line!

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