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Bedford - National Champs, Ranking series 3/3

I was never going to make all of the ranking events this year because a lot clash with other events I do. I cannot understand why the BTF dont have 5 national events which encompas the ranking series (all 5), the national champs (1/5), euro qualifiers (3/5) and World Qualifiers (3/5). These shopuld also be set on the weekends that don't include the W/C or E/C races so that athletes who are racing at these can attend all events.

This would do at least 5 things:

1: Better field of Athletes at each event giving a more accurate race result/ranking result
2: Cut the cost down for athletes
3: Less clashes with other races
4: More like a proper series
5: More options when entering races - dont feel like you have to make 8 races all over the country

Anyway, gripe out of the way and onto the race itself. I have done Bedford before, in fact it is now the only race I have done twice. In 2009 I knocked off a 2:03:
10, placed 5th in age and 12th overall. I did this with s houlder injury and a virus - I knew I was quicker this year.

Pre-season I wanted to consolidate my results, have a solid year and work over the winter coming into 2011 stronger and faster - I decided on this due to the injuries I had over the winter and the 3 months off from operations.

So far the year had gone a lot better than I expected but now I had targets and expectations the season had taken on a new meaning....this year the winning, not the competeing would now be paramount.

This compounded my disapointment. Had it not been the last nat ranking event I could make (as I was going to the worlds in september which clashed with Bala) and I needed the points to get a national ranking, I would have canned the event. However, I wanted a placement in 2010 and this was what I would try and get - If i DNF'd at least I tried!

Pre-race the bike was lengthened which would suit me being a stronger cyclist. I knew that if I caught carl on the bike I could take him on the run (I wouldn't get anywhere near him in the swim). I knew James, Tom and Colin would also be there and wanted to get withing a couple of minutes of them - which again I knew I was capable off after worthing.

I stayed with Simon Brierly at the local firestation (which had a call out at 4:30am) so prep wasn't perfect but I still felt pretty good (bar the injury).

I located Carl per-swim and aimed to stay on his feet throughout - this didnt last long however.

The swim was a minute quickwer than 2009 which wasnt a suprise considering the injury I had then. I got stuck on the way out behind some tail enders and ended up slipping on the way into T1 trying to run round a slower competitor. T1 was a bit rubbish and I struggled with my left wetsuit leg and clipping my helemet, I also had problems with slowwer competitors at the dismount getting caught in a group all trying to mount on the line.

To say the swim was the best part of my race would be an understatement. I had nothing on the bike, it felt like I was pedaling in syrup for an hr, I caught a few guys in my wave and went past early on only to be passed at about 30k by three of them in a row (no draft busters on the entire course - I should have just joined in!!!!)

I never saw Carl again so new that my bike had been laboured - it was a little faster than last year but nowhere near what I am capable off, it is also unusual for me to be in 5th place in age at the end of the bike.

The run wsnt any better, almost a minute slower than 2009 the fatigue in my legs just wouldnt let me get going and the groin was pulling a little from the bike.

Came in 6th (5th if the bloke who ran a 27min 10k owns up to doing 2 laps and not 3)in age and 16th/15th overall.

I had hoped to catch Carl in the rankings but have had to settle with 2nd in age before Bala and 6th Overall.

I was hoping for a 1st at Bedford to gain qualification to the worlds in 2011 or 1st in ranking to achieve the same but all of these honors have gone to Carl who has just been more consistant and more importantly better when it really counted.

Overall time:

Current National ranking:
2nd 30-34YO
6th Overall
3/3 races completed

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