Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Busy times

Since my last post I have purchased a house, got injured, won the Fritton Aquathlon series, been a guide at the London Sprint Tri with Iain Dawson (which he won) and had a very disapointing race at Bedford National Championships - but I can explain this so less worried than I could be.

The biggest thing for me recently has been the house purchase, to say it has got in the way of training would be a bit of a lie because I have been injured since the completion date (3 weeks). I hit the training hard after the Worthing success and just overdid a Hill session with Andy Atthowe - it was Andy's first time out on that set with me so I pushed a bigger gear and tried to lap him on the repeats - leg felt good during the session but I paid for it later with groin and inner hamstring pain combined with lower back restrictions and all round swelling in the top of my leg. I found it too uncomfortable to swim, couldnt bike and combined with the house move really struggled to get any routine/focus or progress.

I had penned this period as a re-freshment after the previous few weeks racing and was looking to build towards Bedford and the World Champs (which I was not sure about entering having just splashed out on solicitor fees and mortgage etc etc) - this was going to be a welcome reassesment of the year and also give me the time to structure a periodic schedule to account for A and B racing until seasons end.

The injury paid havock with this as it was too sore to swim let alone run or cycle, it felt constantly tight when walking and although rest would have been a good idea (and I was resting when I could) I walk to work (or run when not injured) and had a house to work on (lots of untimely lifting).

Then came my first event since Worthing........

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