Friday, 22 July 2011

Equipment Update: LG Vorttice

I had the privilege of receiving a brand new Aero helmet this week in the shape of LG's new Vorttice. Unfortunately I do not have access to a wind tunnel so it is difficult to put mathamatical numbers on it's performance. All I can do is talk about my first impressions and experience in the 20k TT I was involved in at the Eastern Region Relays, however I feel that real world experience is as valuable as numbers churned out my a machine..

LG vorttice

The Helmet is certainly striking with the golf ball dimpled surface and single air intake at the front and outlet at the back which reminded me of the grills from 1930's single seat race cars. Unlike my previous Aerolid this came with a lightweight detachable visor which I had reservations about but once attached in full felt secure and added next to no weight. Whether the visor will be a regular feature or not will depend on how practice goes getting the helmet on and off in T1/T2.

The fit was very secure with a multipoint inner cradle which worked well with my head shape once adjusted. The fit was also good enough to negate the extra weight compared to my old Aerolid (only a few grams); I hardly noticed the helmet when riding compared to my old helmet, whether this was due to the visor (I usually use glasses) or the airflow, whether this just made the lid cooler of added some lift I cant be sure but it was comfortable all through the ride with no added problems as the heat increased towards the afternoon.

As I was being pursued on the bike (we were leading at this stage) I did occasionally look round to see if any ground was being made and this highlighted one of the more unusual features of the helmet - it whistles at you when riding at pace. I'm not sure if this was caused by the visor or the internal airflow itself but it certainly kept me amused - I suppose the tip is to not look round as this defeats the object of an aerolid but if you want to pretend your being whistled at (using a dog whistle) give it ago.

All in all, first impressions are very good. Seems well put together and I beat my time from the year before (if that counts for anything). I think it's going to take a bit of practice getting it on and off in a hurry in transition but for an out and out TT helmet I would definitely recommend it.

I will be racing in Vegas later this year which will be a real test and I will let you know how it fares.

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