Monday, 26 September 2011


Two weeks off - harder than it may sound. Im knackered.

Owning a house or project as my Girlfriend calls it certainly demands a lots of attention (both of them before you ask). I knew that if I wanted to move things on that I was going to have to put some hours in, what I didnt realize was that it would take so much out of me..

Although I am still swimming in the evenings still (as I was just starting to get somewhere with the swimming I decided to keep this going but not to try and make the 4:30am starts for a couple of weeks just so I am getting some better quality rest)I am doing little else training wise apart from stretching and general upkeep, bit of mountainbiking and easy offroad running and I am starting to feel recharged.

I have almost planned my 2012 race calender and have pretty much finished writing a training schedule which I will detail (to a degree) on here.

As I am wanting to be involved in training/coaching I feel that if I cant write a schedule for myself why would someone else want me to write one for them??? so watch this space (I will be cheating a little and getting someone to have a look over but I am pretty confident that it is a solid and involving plan that will develop me over the next 12 months)

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