Monday, 24 October 2011

Rest - what rest?

So, the alarm went at 5:30am (bearing in mind this is a Saturday) and I felt pretty good. I won't say I bounced out of bed but I was pretty eager to get going on my experimental breeze block (well it's twice the size of a brick) session.

Things started off pretty well, I was at the pool early (for me )but lost all extra time once my additional kit had been organized. I planned to swim until 7:45, out and change, move car to run start (about a km away) and then bike to 10m TT route, crack it off, back to car, quick change and steady/RPE 15 run of 5k route (starting at 9am).

The swim was pretty heavy and obviously a lot longer than any of my races would be. The session was sprint/effort heavy with plenty of leg work so a good early tester. I jumped out at the end of the kick set, dried off and put on a Tri suit (so I could go straight to running) compression tights cycle top and jacket and started the logistical chain to make sure I would be ready to run at 9am.

Unfortunately I had a couple of delays:

1: chatting to other swimmers
2: forgetting card to exit car park

This ultimately had a knock on effect later....

Once the car had been moved I went steady/hard out to the TT start and begun a tentative 10m (I had only done the route once before so was riding from memory). I'd deliberately used my road bike with clip on bars (used for Superseries races in 2011) as I would be prepared to run this through the winter. Im not as quick on this as I am on the TT but this session is all about watching for measurable improvements so negating variables is essential. I ended up doing 30k Inc the 10m TT route and getting back to the car at 9am dead.

This of course meant I'd missed the start but not by least it gave me people to chase :)

I had a gps on (polar RCX5) which enabled me to get an accurate 5k time of 18:20 although the Park run recorded time shows 21 and change.

All in all this was a great little session and certainly gives me a marker for future development. I've noted the variables such as the swim set/weather etc(as this effects the bike) and will consider these where appropriate.

The breeze block - you heard it here first.....

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