Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The usual 'here comes 2012' post

I think I have seen every man and his dog post a 'look out I come' type blog, I suppose it is a good time to set the previous year behind you, look to the future and press on pursuing those goals.

I had a pretty good 2011 even though at the start of the year I had few expectations (these grew as the year progressed however). Among the highlights included my first year in Elite Draft legal racing, 1st podium at middle distance, my first Duathlon win, Qualification to the 70.3 world champs at first attempt and a substantial win at my local Triathlon (by an 8 minute margin).

Aside from achievements as an athlete I also obtained my L1 Tri Coach qualification, L1 ASA Coaching qualification and am part way through the BTF L2 course. I have become involved with some great up and coming athletes at City of Norwich Tri club and can see real potential in the squad that Simon Edwards has begun to build at the club.

Looking forward I have started the new (tri) year of well (despite family commitments over the Christmas period)and P:B'd a recent 1/2 marathon, notched up a few Short course sprint P:B's in the pool and have also begun working with a Nutritionist to try and get the best out of my body by putting in the right fuel at the right times.

Mary (Mary Skelcher) has already pointed out a number of ways that my diet could improve and instead of just telling me what I should do and leaving me to it; it was great to actually sit down and chat through the best ways of going from where I currently sit with nutrition, to where I should be. Little changes to start and progress with.

I had read a lot about nutrition previously and obviously know about the 5 a day rule but actually speaking to a nutritionist has enabled an understanding of time constraints (for example weighing food at this stage is just unrealistic for me and Mary appreciates this).

Other changes have meant I have now moved from my 'Pre-Base' training into my Base period for a total of 12 weeks (or so depending on how the first races pan out)and am looking at upping the mileage.

I am training using the Polar RCX5 and have been doing so for a couple of months now. Its the first time I have used a GPS/Tracker for training and am finding it very useful. The base period that I am now in is also going to be a great time to use the HR function of the RCX5 and as I am contected to the world via Broadband expect some detailed training and race reports to be posted on here.

I am hoping to obtain WATT/Power monitors shortly so I can manage my bike training more this space.

The most exciting news is that the first of three films about my foray into Pro-cat racing is almost complete with a couple of tweeks required before final release. Ignore any footage of the others in front of me - that was done by request of the camera crew ;)

so.... onto 2012 it is, Pro racing, lots of airmiles and abuse of the creditcard and hopefully some decent results to come.

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