Saturday, 8 March 2014

Then there were two!

Well, its official......Iain and I have sat down and looked at his races and I am commited to him for the forseable future.....Look out Rio, we may be old (ish) but we are still pretty quick!

Im really looking forward to being back with Team Dawson and having a great time racing for points on the build up to Rio. Ill obviously be doing a few solo races as well but the priority will be maintaining a good ranking for when the Olympic body confirm how the qualification system is going to work.

The last few weeks have seen progression in the pool and maintenance of my running even with an annoying ankle niggle that seems to be hanging around (it's an old issue that originates from my Basketball days). Im still knocking out conservative low to mid 17min 10ks so know that im in shape for some decent 16's.

Im now back to 100's off 1:20 for a 1500 which is promising with all the issues I had with my shoulder last year (yes I am falling apart, but the sticky tape is working well!). and am now progressing with some 100's in blocks of 400 swam off 1:10. The aim is to be able to cruise a 400 in sub 5 by the time the open water swims start in get swimming then!

Apart from the great news with Iain I am also pleased to be working with Blueseventy again this year and had a great time with the guys at the TCR show last weekend.

Blueseventy are specialists, they do what they do bloody well and dont mess around in the other tri disciplines.

They make great swim gear from the best materials. I am also looking forward to getting hold of some suits so that anyone interested from the local club can try them on for size....more swimmers swimming faster.....!!!!

Apart from helping the Blueseventy guys out at the TCR I was also shortlisted for AGEGROUPER of the year at the 220 awards ceremony. I was up against Nick Dunn of TriCamp and Matt Malloy from Team Freespeed.

It was a priveledge to be nominated and although prior to attending I was happy with just getting an invite the competitive side of me would have loved the title......But alas second to bloody Nick again, I think thats 2 all now (although I stil think I was cheated when he beat me once in the 35-39 agegroup as he was still 34!

Anyhow...congrats Nick!

Ive just got back from a morning with the guys at Ashmei. I knew a bit about the brand before I went across to meet them as part of (or potential to be part of) their Ambassador program. My knowledge was limited to the fact they always arrived in a cool Airsteam Bus, their kit looks great, is made from Merino Wool and is built for performance.

What I didnt realise was the drive and passion behind the brand and that really came across today. They have some awesome plans for the next few years and I would love to be part of that either as an ambassador or just through association with their growth, I really do wish them the best and it's warming to see a British brand (yes British) show that quality (and ultimately value) is the way to go.

If you want to see some photos frok the day (including the state we got our trainers in out on the nice 'flat' run check out their facebook page

P.S. Do you know where the Ashmei name comes from???

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