Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Week end 18/04/10 including Week end 11/04/10

This week had been a poor week for recording events and training. I know I worked hard in all the sessions I attended, but unfortunately due to non-triathlon life I have had to miss some; however I have enjoyed the break and am now back with rekindled relish for getting on to the next events (May Day weekend Kings Lynn 10k and Road Race).

During the last two weeks I have taken part in a pool time trial (sc) after a heavy session and managed a 1:06 which to be honest I was a little disapointed with (although I only have to go sub 1:05 to qualify for Masters WC in my age :).

I am expecting to be able to go sub 60 and am very close to it, a quieter training week and less work prior to attempting the session and I think Ill be there. I have a 400 TT this Friday with Andy so expecting/hoping to go sub 5 with a sub 2:20 200m - is it wise to put these figures on a blog?? Well it's shut up or Man up I suppose.

I also attended my first ever TT event at the Bungay 10m and was Glad to see Oli Milk, Joe Skipper and Liam Gentry lining up which I hoped would give me a gauge as to where my bike fitness/speed is currently at as I have only been cycling for a month and a half (since the December to March recovery period) and am nowhere near my perception of fitness or strength. I knocked out a 22:57 on a quite windy course after a very heavy session (for me) on Sunday with Tim Guy and Lee Calderon of Extreme Sports Therapy and Streetlife. (I think the record is somewhere between 21 and 22)and placed 5th behind Joe on 22:53 Liam 22:3 something and Simon Asher 22:45. I was very pleased with this and hope to be able to give Joe a run for his money once I get some miles under my belt.

The session with Tim and Lee at the weekend was another breakthrough for me, it was almost 3hrs in the saddle and included a 10m TT effort on the Bungay TT course (approx 23:00), I was really feeling it in the legs by the end and was thankful to receive some of Eliotts Easter egg hording (Tims son) when I got back to the Streetlife shop afterwards.

So where am I now........
Swimming - probably close to last years level to be honest, now I have some control over the shoulder injury I had for a chunk of the 2009 season I can really work towards going sub 19:00 this year.

Cycling: Really pleased with how quick this is coming back - need to make sure I get some stamina to balance the speed - this is going to be a focus going forward. Without the base training of my competitors this is where our differences may lie come race day.

Running: The only concern is the running at the moment, but I have a plan! My ankle is still relatively week but I aim to aid strengthening exercises with short runs each day 15 to 20 minutes just to get my body used to running again. Since my operation in December I have controlled my weight and dropped from 90kg to 82kg by watching my intake - this has been great for me as I do not have to worry about losing the winter layer and can build speed accordingly. If I can get to the fitness levels of last year with 8kg less weight and the same ability in the water I expect to have a strong season and break numerous P:B's.

Coming up:
100M,200M and 400m split TT
Road race
Kings Lynn 10k
British Paratriathlon training day

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