Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Eastern Region Relays

At the begining of the season I was really looking forward to this event and to racing with (rather than against) Oli Milk.

This weekend came after my first two races of the year, which where no warm up races. I really wanted to obtain a decent National Ranking this year and hoped to come out top in age and top three overall. Due to the way my events fell I could only make 3/5 of the events required for a ranking (Shropshire, Worthing and Bedford) this meant that I had to be sharp for all three, and due to other 'more important' races had to fit these into training blocks with no taper as such.

After giving my all at Shropshire and the following week in Athlone my calfs were in a bit of a mess and I really needed a weeknd off. I hadn't run since Ireland and wasn't looking forward to the 5k in the relay. I knew we would be competative over the rest of the race with Taz being a great swimmer and quick on the ground and Oli running the anchor I just hoped my Run wouldnt end up being the deciding factor.

I opted to race in Calf Guards again and to try a prerace massage to loosen my right calf, I also decided to conciously increase cadence on the run - I had nothing to lose at this stage (except a prelonged injury with Worthing NR the following weekend).

As a team we were given a lesson in the swim coming out a good minute (or 2) down on the HPU Female team (toooo quick!) but we knew we would have the advantage on the bike and run.

It didnt take long for us to gain 1st position and Oli Taz and I started growing a lead on Cambridge and B2T. I was pleased with the bike section with a pretty fast split (3rd fastest of day)with the first use of a new FFWD Disc wheel. If I had known the course there would have definately been another minute or so in there.

We hit the run with about a 10 second lead and I knew this would be hard - I am not going to be caught, Im not getting caught, I am not getting CAUGHT!!

I pulled away on the run with a decent enough split (not great) and really sore legs but we were still winning by about 30s or so. B2T however had their fastest runners last and boy did they push.

They had the acendancy hitting the last leg just behind Oli, he could pace and could time an attack.

All credit to B2T they raced well and took the win, some say home advantage gave them a little extra knowing the course but 2nd is a good result from a very new team v(only by 8s as well!!!)

750m Swim 10:30
20k bike 32:20
5k Run (or)18:50
3rd fastest overall time

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