Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Bonks, tweaks and a new pair of feet :)

Its been an interesting and busy week with training almost at the capacity I intend to carry through to the season. The schedule is almost there with a couple of tweaks needed (to ensure some rest and that Im not biting off too much).

Since last Tuesday I have managed to over do some Fly work in an early morning session (I must admit I hadnt quite got the warm-up in as turned up late - no heating in the car makes it dificult to de-frost!!)This led to a short sharp pain in the mid posterior rib area under the left arm. It doesnt feel major but I have taken to doing leg work in all the swim sessions since (4+ hrs of kick work this week).

With ongoing consideration for my ongoing rehab for the leg I have tried to stick with Fly work with fins to improve ankle flexibility, core (OMG this works the core)and power. After taking so much time away from kicking I am really looking forward to getting back into full stroke work as I am currently at P:B level without the use of legs.

I took a forced break from the pool on sat to give the shoulder a bit more time and knew that as my intention was to hit a 50mile bike ride on Sunday (something I hadnt done since September a bit of a break for the legs would be a good thing - its a good job I did having bonked after about 1hr10mins after a long turn trying to bridge for some riders who had dropped off the pace.

Having said that I took the opportunity to do a 5k on the Saturday and knocked 12s off :):):)

The 5k felt hard but the 1st of the three laps was slower than usual at 5:30 mins but I maintained around the course and with a sprint finish was very pleased overall. The change and continual work on my technique to improve my posture and to gradually bring my running style onto the forefoot has without doubt helped. I have been undertaking and using advice given by Dave Parry at HPU (Essex University) and the resources on-line at Terra Plana - prgress is positive and I am confident as long as I stick to 'easing' into this style my run times will tumble!!!

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