Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Update on running

Being 6'4" I am not the smallest of triathletes nor (unfortunately) the lightest. I have always thought this was going to be a hinderence especially on the run where weight is an issue (without the benefit of power as on the bike).

The biggest hurdle for me has been managing calf injuries. Up until the last few months I have always suffered with really sore calfs after heavy run sessions (and sometimes after having done very little running at all).

While trying to establish the cause I noted the following:

Calfs felt better after runs off the bike
Pre or post stretches didnt seem to help
Ice baths had little effect

I also had issues with cramp in my toes at swim sessions (especially in short course sessions with lots of work off the wall)

Recently I have had much less of a problem and ran 16miles last week with very little knock on effect. I am able to train day in day out and have also just knocked 30s off my 5k P:B (on the same park run course).


All I can say, is that the following has been present in my training recently.

The use of Barefoot shoes in some short runs each week (Evos)too and from work (1mile)
Walking round the house barefoot and wearing shoes where the toebox and heel are the same height wherever possible
Changing to racing flats for all distances of runs (with a little more give in 10K+ trainers). I use the Pirahnas for 10k or less and Tarthas for anything over 10k (as fatigue causes me to drop down onto my heels - this is just fitnes).


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