Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Training update Week 3 of cycle

Last week was a pretty low week in terms of hours and sessions completed.

I had some good days (3 sessions and 3 1/2 hours done one week day) and some bad days (only making a 90 minute swim on the Saturday). We all know that the weekends (or your days off work) are when you can make hay sunshine or not!

However , all the sessions were good quality and I am coming to understand that this is what counts.

The question is, if you dont have a specific goal in the session should you even be doing it? what is it doing for you? what are the gains?

In coaching you should always have a goal to a session be it to develop your athletes fitness or skills, for example you would have a session that works on aerobic capacity or a session that works on coaching an athlete techniques to improve their efficiency or to learn a new method to streamline their performance such as a running mount out of transition for example.

I make sure that each one of my sessions has a goal, a reason behind them and this helps with motivation. Even if it is something as simple as a low intensity run session to aid recovery (and enable a better performance at the next intense session), it still has a goal.

What are you getting out of your next session??

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