Sunday, 26 February 2012

Just where do the weeks go?

I can hardly believe the sun has been out and it feels like spring.....which I love! The only problem is I can hardly believe where the days, weeks and months have gone.

With only a couple of months before my first batch of races playing on my mind, and the sun being out I decided to move away from my training plan and join a friend of mine on a long bike. I initially intended on doing 70 miles or so on a loop but got tempted by the sun and the headwind and ended up putting in a 100mile round trip.

Bearing in mind the longest I normally ride for is 3hrs or 100k easy this was a massive jump up (the 10% increase rule seemed to be being ignored, so if anybody I coach is reading this do as I say and not as I do :)

Needless to say, I am thankful that Mark Clayton was on the bike with me and at this stage in the season the two of us definitely helped get each other through the headwind and the GPS mapping fails.

Nutrition also became increasingly noticeable with my planned nutrition running out at 90k, fortunately I had a tube of High5 Zero with me that I find great to carry round - all you need is a water supply and you can fill up with a pretty tasty drink.

I did have to drop in for some Jamaican Ginger cake (which has got me out of a hole on more than one occasion), but it was really mind over matter by the time I got back and I was thankful to see my front door :)

I had originally planned to do a Duathlon about 2 hrs from my house this Sunday but after a small hamstring twinge decided that a local off-road duathlon would be a better idea - this was obviously before I had decided to do an epic bike on the Saturday, oh and that was after a 90minute smash fest in the pool- again probably not that wise to do a century ride with a twinge but, hey, who said triathletes are sensible!

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