Friday, 20 April 2012

Height and weight

Competely for a laugh and just because I was bored one day waiting for Alcatraz to start. I started thinking about height/weight ratio in athletes and did some research.

I am 84kg at the moment and 184cm; therefore I am .41 kg per cm of height. I have been trying to work out how I compare to some of the best triathletes in the world and see if there is a pattern (why? - just because!)

I cannot effect my height as this is a constant (heel lifts just dont work for me and running in stileto's is too complex!), if I want to race at a similar weight to height ratio I therefore need to control my weight.

I have always found running easier the lighter I am and ran the best at around 82-83kg which brings me down to .42 kg per cm.


Weight Height
Ali Brownlee 76kg 184cm .41kg per cm
Me 84kg 193cm .44kg per cm
Crowie 68kg 180cm .38kg per cm
Tom Lowe 87kg 195cm .44kg per cm

For me to get to the same level as Ali B I need to weigh 79kg and to have the same ratio as Crowie weigh 73kg or in other words not eat for a year.

I am sure there is a balance and looking at the athletes above I need to drop my weight back to 82 or 81 but keep an eye on my power on the bike/bouancy.

I am sure that it could be worked out more mathamatically to include body composition but it certainly has given me something to think about......

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