Thursday, 19 April 2012

Saving/Making time

Just some food for thought:

What are your cheats, your short cuts and tips to make the most of time? I am not talking about buying time through the purchase of aero wheels or pointy hats, bike fits or wetsuits made of type 36 dark matter neoprene but more what can you fit in to your day, fit around your real life to help you develop as a triathlete.

My tips would be as follows (its more of a list of things I do)

1:If you travel to a pool to swim (which I do, 30mins inc changing there and 30mins back) dont just swim for 30minutes - make the lost of it and swim for 60 or 90 minutes. I used to do a 60minute techniques session then drive hame and try and fit a second session in later in the week to do some block swims 5x400 to 10x400 depending on time allowed as it took an extra hour out of my day. This was a struggle to manage, but tagging on an extra 30minutes swim to a session you already do saves you that hour!

2:What do you do at work - I sit at a desk, yes some may say Im resting (sort of) or asleep ?(if you ask my Boss) but this does give you a good opportunity to do work on your posture/core muscles or ankle flexibility exercises under the desk. I have a theraband which is tied to my drawers - a few ankle strengthening exercises while im sending an email and its alllllll good.

3.Lunch time sessions. It is going to be difficult to cram a swim set into a 60minute lunch (unless you work next to a pool), however a planned run session or bike session is doable. When you look at your training you will have different sessions that will work different energy systems or race scenarios. I dont suggest doing your long 2hr run in your hour lunch as it's just not going to happen but marking out a km loop will allow you to run some 1km or 2km efforts for example I do two lunch sessions a week. The first is a 1 km hill loop (700m climb/200m decent) which I reapeat x times and the other involves 9km split into different efforts. 1km easy, 1km steady and 1km hard x 3.

4.Commute sessions. Pretty much like the above although can be easier to manage as you can do them on the way home and shower at home (leave your clothes at the office and go in spare clothes the next day) or if there is a shower at the office, go in on Monday with shirts for the week (if you wear shirts) and then run/cycle to work tuesday to Friday with a fresh shirt waiting.....

I am sure there are many other ideas/tips for making time - what do you do?

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