Sunday, 14 March 2010

Week End 14/03/10

Despite the lack of Run and cycle training this has been a good week, I have hit the swim sessions hard and brought in some further dry-land training at Norwich City College's Extreme Sports Therapy Unit.

The problem has been in trying to re-structure my training calendar to accommodate these extra sessions - unlike bike sets, the swim sets are determined by access to the pool and more importantly access to my Coach at City of Norwich Swim Club (Pat Stebbings)

Pat has developed my training sets to accomodate the distance aspects of triathlon and I have found this very beneficial. Last year I was working hard on my swimming without tailoring it to the requirements of distance races and towards the end of the year found myself fatiguing in some events (such as the WC).

The week itself has been a hard one for me and I have probably overdone it (as I have picked up a sore throat, but I might blame Iain Dawson for that! - see later) Monday' swim set included broken 500m repeats with 200m drill/kick/pull to break them up. I found myself finishing the 100m's between 1:20 and 1:25 which was solid for me off the back of a busy week prior and little winter work at all. Wednesdays set included 100m IM repeats off 1:30 and 150m FC repeats where I was hitting 2:05min (down a bit on expectations).

Thursday, Friday and Saturday was where the work was done in the pool with (Thu)a broken 1400m in 21 mins (after dryland med ball work) including 25m sprint Headup work and reducing blocks from 400 to 100m. Knocked the 400m off in under 5:30 and the 300m in under 4:10 so was pretty pleased with how things had been developing. (Fri)Dryland then 300m (broken) swims total 1800m off 45s per 50m My ankle was giving me problems due to overuse and still containing a lot of restrictive scar tissue.

Sat Morn included some fin work which i used 1 fin for on the good ankle so struggled a little to keep us, we then did 4 x100m Fly/crawl and 10x 50M Off the blocks. I was hoping to be under 30s but tiopped out at 31:1 - not bad after the week I had I suppose but it is never quite where you expect to be!!!

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